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FYI: If Anyone has interest in what and who "The Jesuits" really are


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'Rulers of Evil' - Divide & Conquer: The Jesuit Way

'Rulers of Evil' - Divide & Conquer:The Jesuit Way Book Review:
Rulers of Evil: Useful Knowledge about Governing Bodies
by F. Tupper Saussy

American history is intimately entangled with occult politics.

The secret science of Masonic, Roman and Babylonian symbology figures
prominently. The semiotics of cabalistic signs as well as Sumerian iconography also points to a subliminal influence which has been virtually ignored by mainstream historians.

Tupper Saussy's "Rulers of Evil" is a well-honed and highly readable account of the hidden history of America.

In great detail, the author circumscribes the influence of the Roman
Catholic Church and its Jesuit cadres in promoting the governance of the Church Militant and the US Federal Government -- both of which he equates with the proscribed rulership by those bearing the Mark of Cain.

Well-versed in the nuances of Jesuitical and specious reasoning, Tupper
Saussy maintains that American history has been dominated by the subrosa machinations of the Jesuits.



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