Wednesday, April 8, 2009

International Advocates for Health Freedom idx

International Advocates for Health Freedom idx

"The International Advocates for Health Freedom is a catalytic entity designed to foster networking between health freedom activists world wide in order to foster opposition to the elements of coercion: the UN's International Council of Drug Regulating Authorities, and all regulating bodies falling under its auspices including the FDA, TGA, HPB, MCA, MCC etc.
The founder of IAHF, John Hammell, has been fighting professionally for health freedom for 10 years, and first got involved with alternative medicine after recovering from a life threatening illness in 1980 via a suppressed alternative treatment mode (orthomolecular medicine) after mainstream methods almost killed him. His personal belief is that herbs and other dietary supplements are gifts to us all from our Creator. As such, he believes it to be highly immoral for anyone to try to restrict their availability or to do anything which would hamper consumer access. For more of an insight on John Hammell read his articles Why I Fight for Health Freedom and Urgent Appeal From An Orthomolecular Psychiatric Survivor: Vitamin Access Threatened Globally.....

IAHF staunchly opposes all "harmonizing" language which the multinational corporations are trying to insert into legislation world wide in their effort to enslave us via world government. IAHF believes strongly in individual liberty as espoused by the US Constitution, the Libertarian Party, and by the International Societies of Individual Liberty (ISIL). Central to our philosophy is that the elements of coercion have no right whatsoever to tell us what substances we can ingest into our bodies, as they belong to US, not the statists. IAHF is currently working with health freedom fighters located in America, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia, S. Africa, and Zimbabwe. IAHF does not discriminate against anyone on a basis of religion, politics, race, or gender:
if you are a health freedom fighter, you are one of us!"
(Please see the link to this site for much more information)

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