Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Major update to Easter war warning


Tuesday, April 14, 2009
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I've just posted a major update to our temporary Easter page, where we are working with RS related to Obama's "WE GO AT EASTER" speech reversal.

The URL for the page is:

Although the Easter war warning was obviously a false alarm, audio from last week's more-current events makes it clear that Easter marked the transition from planning to doing.  In other words, that's when the actual orders were given.  We are now in the operational phase where all the various units and governmental players must begin the physical steps that will have them properly positioned for both the false-flag attack and the follow-on invasion of Iran.  The date given for the actual attack - so far - is "Mid May."

Knowing that we are coming in at the beginning of this phase gives us a real advantage in terms of understanding events – and speech reversals – that surface during the next few weeks.

Obama has been told to make peace overtures, in an attempt to make the false-flag attack seem all the more outrageous.

The game is afoot and we are hot on their trail!  Tally Ho!

Ken Welch

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