Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Monsanto Connection


A few weeks ago, I rather ignorantly forwarded an "URGENT" email that I'd
received concerning HR875. The sender had probably done the same exact
thing that I'd done, which was to forward the email WITHOUT FIRST READING

Thankfully, my friend Jeffrey Lear notified me that HR875 didn't contain the
offending language that the "URGENT" email warned against. Specifically:
HR875 has NO language in it that prohibits organic and/or backyard
gardening. There is, incidentally, language in the bill that CAN be
utilized by unscrupulous attorneys to foster future prohibition. That
language is often included in new legislation: a loophole phrase such as "or
for other reasons".

The below article speaks directly to how it happened, and why it happened.
I have hopes that we can all learn from this misinformation tactic. I know
that I SURELY have! Since Jeffrey's email to me a few weeks ago, I've read
other bills that have come to my attention for one reason or another. I
will no longer forward email warnings concerning legislation without first
reading the bill text myself.
Please go to the link below and learn more about misinformation agents and
tactics against We The People.

In Hope,
Lisa Nerone
AKA stienster

From: "WarOnYou" <>
Sent: Wednesday, April 29, 2009 12:55 AM

> War On You: 'The Monsanto Connection'
> By Robert Singer
> I recently published an article "Grandmother Scores Huge Victory over
> Monsanto".
> The article was a magnet for controversy because I claimed the best way to
> fight Monsanto and HR 875 was by growing your own food and saving seeds.
> Linn Cohen-Cole, the libertarian grandmother at the forefront of the
> anti-HR
> 875 campaign called me "dangerous" [...]
> You may view the latest post at

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