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9,200 potentially deadly Fort Detrick pathogens possibly missing


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18 Jun 2009
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9,200 potentially deadly Fort Detrick pathogens possibly missing --FBI investigators concluded that Fort Detrick probably was the source of the anthrax spores used in the deadly mailings of 2001. --Ebola virus, anthrax bacteria, botulinum toxin, hemorrhagic fever and others 'not accounted for' 18 Jun 2009 An inventory of potentially deadly pathogens at Fort Detrick's infectious disease laboratory found more than 9,000 vials that had not been accounted for, Army officials said yesterday, raising concerns that officials wouldn't know whether dangerous toxins were missing. After four months of searching about 335 freezers and refrigerators at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases in Frederick, Maryland, investigators found 9,220 samples that hadn't been included in a database of about 66,000 items listed as of February, said Col. Mark Kortepeter, the institute's deputy commander.

US ready for possible NKorean missile launch to Hawaii: Gates --Defense Secretary approved deployment of THAAD missile weaponry, radar to Hawaii --US and South Korean officials have said North Korea might be readying another ballistic missile test after three previous launches 18 Jun 2009 The United States has concerns about a possible North Korean missile launch toward Hawaii and has taken steps to ensure the protection of US territory, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on Thursday. The defense secretary said he had approved the deployment of THAAD missile defense weaponry to the US state and radar "to provide support" in case of a possible North Korean missile attack.

US Senate Committee approves $1.5 billion in Pakistan aid 17 Jun 2009 The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday unanimously passed the Enhanced Partnership with Pakistan Act, (Kerry-Lugar Bill) authorising $1.5 billion annually to the key anti-terror ally for the next five years. The bipartisan measure will now have to pass the full chamber before the Senate and the House of Representative hold a conference to arrive at a reconciled version of the bill. The US House has already passed the bill. [See: Pentagon: Billions in U.S. terror aid to Pakistan diverted 06 Jun 2009; US Pledges Additional $200 Million in Aid to Pakistan 03 Jun 2009; Billions in U.S. Aid to Pakistan Wasted, Officials Assert 24 Dec 2007; US Senate approves Pakistan aid worth $785m 20 Dec 2007.]

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