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Hey! Government Shills revealed to us by!

How considerate of them!  Thanks!  Now we know which organizations and aid groups are under government/elitists control! 

Sent: Friday, June 12, 2009 5:17 PM
Subject: Mail-Order Brides; Green Economy Rising; End Veteran Homelessness

June 8 - June 14

Mail-Order Brides; Green Economy Rising; End Veteran Homelessness

Hey Changemakers,

It's not every day that we get contacted by a billion-dollar corporation agreeing to change a business practice our members find ethically objectionable. But that's exactly what happened to this week.

It all started when our Human Trafficking blogger, Amanda Kloer, posted news that the credit card company Diners Club International had established a partnership with a Vietnamese mail-order brides company to jointly offer an official payment plan for buying women on credit. (No, sadly this was no joke.)

The post provoked an immediate reaction from the community, and nearly a thousand members sent emails to representatives of Diners Club demanding an end to the program due to its gross commodification of women and the vulnerability of mail-order brides to human trafficking, domestic violence, abuse, and exploitation.

Then, as the community prepared for its next move, something unusual happened: Diners Club contacted us, apologized for the offense, and told us that they were taking steps to formally end the new program and sever their relationship with Vietnam Brides International.


This is one of those special moments when you can directly see the power that all of us can have on matters that impact the lives of others. It's an exciting feeling, and it's only just the very beginning.

These types of grassroots campaigns will start to appear more and more frequently on over the coming months, and if you have any ideas yourself about a policy you think needs to be changed in either business or politics, local or global in scope, you can start an email petition on anytime. You never know what sort of change you might make in institutions you once thought you were powerless to influence.

In the meantime, here's an overview of other top stories across the world of change this week:


Top Actions This Week

Support the Children of Gaza
by American Near East Refugee Aid
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Call for the Immediate Release of Aung San Suu Kyi
by Amnesty International USA
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Stop Ringling Bros.' Expansion on Coney Island!
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Featured Jobs This Week

Manager of Operations
The Center for Independent Media

Administrative Assistant/Organizer
CODEPINK: Women for Peace

Criminal Justice Investigator/Paralegal
Southern Center for Human Rights

Internet Marketing Manager
Best Friends Animal Society

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Green Economy Rising
Without much attention from policymakers or funding from the public trough, a low-carbon economy has already taken off in the United States. The jobs being created nationwide in clean energy are helping to bolster the nation's environmental sustainability and cut greenhouse gas emissions, and these jobs are expanding at a faster rate than the U.S. economy overall. Global Warming blogger Emily Gertz notes that these stats destroy the lie that cutting the carbon out of our economy will cripple the nation.
(Join the Stop Global Warming Facebook page)


End Veteran Homelessness
Finding homes for the over 160,000 homeless veterans is no small task. But the Obama administration has pledged to do just that. End Homelessness blogger Shannon Moriarity writes this week about a new office within the U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs exclusively focused on homeless veterans, which will take the lead in the battle to end homelessness among military veterans. As Shannon points out, this is going to take a reconfiguring of priorities: Right now, only one half of one percent of the VA budget is currently directed toward addressing veteran homelessness. And that's just simply not enough to deal with this epidemic.
(Join the End Homelessness Facebook page)


Microfinance Comes to America
Influenced by the impact of the economic recession hitting the States, peer-to-peer micro-loan platform Kiva formally announced this week that it has expanded it's offerings to include U.S.-based low income entrepreneurs. As Social Entrepreneurship blogger Nathaniel Whittemore describes, this could have a major impact on the way U.S. small businesses are funded, from the small hot dog stand on the street corner, to the software company opening up downtown.
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Angelina Jolie and Feminism
Is Angelina Jolie the new face of feminism? The mainstream media suggests that Jolie has allowed women to visualize the idea of "having it all," and Women's Rights blogger Jen Nedeau explores this claim. While some think the Jolie archetype raises all sorts of conflicts for women, others think that Jolie's face in the feminist movement and her dynamic approach to the world could help crush the gender stereotypes that keep us from evolving into the best human beings we can be.
(Join the Women's Rights Facebook page)


Contraception vs. Abortion
Emergency contraception is not abortion. That's the message that Global Health blogger Alanna Shaikh hammered home this week, in the wake of the Honduran parliament making emergency contraception illegal, and increased efforts by conservative U.S. politicians to muddy the lines between contraception and abortion. Confusing birth control with abortion is poor science and bad for women. Women's lives should not be at stake because legislators don't have the time or the skills to learn about human anatomy.
(Join the Global Health Facebook page)


Before we go, one quick plug: our friends at the Craigslist Foundation are hosting their annual Boot Camp in the San Francisco Bay Area next Saturday, June 20. It's a great place to meet changemakers of all types, learn about how to increase your social impact, and hear speakers like Craigslist founder Craig Newmark and Arianna Huffington. For more info, go to

Have a great weekend!

- The Team


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