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Lessons in mind-control: How to be a double agent

File this under "necessary to know", or "Important Puppets to know":
Ret. Maj. Gen. Stubblebine worked with and controlled a little thing known as S-Quad, or SSSS, or Sound of Silence.  In common language, this little toy sends extra low frequency sound waves - in the form of understandable languages - right into the skull of it's target. 
He retired from military life and went straight to work for the company which he helped develop, PSI-Tech, and which developed S-Quad.  THEN, he and his wife, Dr. Rima Liabow (ufologist/psychiatrist), decided to start a holistic health company and movement.  Huh?-
Check out this short video of Stubblebine speaking to a reporter re: 9/11 pentagon lies:
Let me know if please if anyone can make any sense of Stubblebine's sudden shift from top-secret intelligence controller to "whistleblower".
-Lisa Nerone
Gen. Albert Stubblebine: Great information at these links:



" Former head of the U.S. Army Intelligence & Security Command (INSCOM) 1981-84 . Masters degree in chemical engineering from Columbia. Signed classified contracts with the Monroe Institute.
(Emerson, Steven, Secret Warriors, G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1988, pg 103-4).
Stubblebine often met with Noriega while he was a US intelligence asset. (Emerson, 1988, pg 110-1)

Former boss of Col. John Alexander, and the two have held numerous "spoon-bending" parties.
Friends with Lyn Buchanan [according to a representative from PSI TECH, the two are not friends]. Married to ufologist Rima Laibow.
(Porter, Tom, Government Research into ESP & Mind Control, March, 1996)

Soon after becoming head of INSCOM, Stubblebbine began a program called the "High Performance Task Force", a series of methods to improve his officer's performance. These ranged from the neuro-linquistic programming of Tony Robbins to the hemisynch tapes of the Monroe Institute, where Stubblebine often sent his officers. (Schnabel, Jim, Remote Viewers: The Secret History of America's Psychic Spies, Dell, 1997, pg 276)

The "spoon-bending parties" were initiated by a west coast defense industry consultant, Jack Houck. (Schnabel, 1997, pg 278)

Following an incident involving an officer having a psychotic episode at the Monroe Institute, Stubblebine resigned in 1984. He was replaced by Major General Harry Soyster. (Schnabel, 1997, pg 316)

"Formerly Vice President for 'Intelligence Systems' of BDM of McClean, Virginia." As of 1992, Chairman of PSI-TECH.

"Laibow, Stubblebine and ufologist Victoria Lacas (with [C.B. Scott] Jones in the shadows) toured Europe and the Soviet Union, where they have established a prodigious UFO/Psi network."
(Durant, Robert J., "Will the Real Scott Jones Please Stand Up?")

Stubblebine gave a lecture at the International Symposium on UFO Research, sponsored by the International Association for New Science, in Denver, Colorado (May 22-25, 1992). This gives a good example of Stubblebine's coherence (or lack there of) and paranoia (he often threatened to destroy the tape). Stubblebine claimed that none of the members of the remote viewing program had prior psychic abilities or interests (all other sources state that they did)."

Excerpted from: http://psiterror.ru/p/content/content.php?content.91.6

Monarch: The New Phoenix Program (Part one)
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Chapter Six: CIA CULTS

Remote viewing programs were publicly touted as an attempt to spy on the USSR using psychic powers to find hidden Russian bases and gather intelligence information. The military intelligence personalities involved in remote viewing often have ties to development programs for microwave and radio frequency radiation weapons designed to influence the central nervous system, referred to collectively as psychotronics. They often have ties to religious cults as well. Remote viewing began with Operation Scanate and Grill Flame run by the NSA and INSCOM at Fort Meade under such personalities as Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden, Albert Stubblebine, Ingo Swann, Kieth Herrary, Ed Dames, Harold Puthoff, Russell Targ, Paul Smith, and others. Operation Scanate leader Thomas Bearden went on to lead the American Psychotronics Association. Project Grill Flame leaders Ed Dames, and Albert Stubblebine began PSI Tech Corporation, a private remote viewing company which holds the Smirnov patent for a psychotronic weapon. Remote viewers Puthoff, Herrary and Dames have counseled the traumatized victims of death cults and mass shootings such as the Jonestown mass deaths and the Columbine shootings even though they are not councilors, but physicists and military intelligence officers by training. Dr. Harold Puthoff exemplifies the contradiction. He is a former NSA officer who developed the pulse microwave laser, a remote viewer, and a high level Scientologist who likes to council traumatized victims of cults.

The concept of remote viewing is being used as a cover, a psychological warfare operation, in order to screen the development of psychotronic weapons and conduct MKULTRA operations. The same people involved in remote viewing programs for the NSA and INSCOM at Ft Meade and PSI Tech Corporation, are also closely tied to psychotronic weapons development and religious cults that use MKULTRA methodology to induce MPD. Strange threads such as, non-lethal psychotronic weapons development, remote viewing operations, and cults engaged in ritual abuse are all woven together, suggesting that MKULTRA and non-lethal psychotronic weapons development have evolved into Dr. Estabrooks infiltration operation.

General Edmund Thompson ran the second remote viewing project called Project Grill Flame at Fort Meade, home of the NSA, with oversight by the DIA. Jack Verona, a nuclear physicist and head of the DIA's Scientific and Technical Intelligence Directorate, managed the project as well as Sleeping Beauty, dealing with the offensive use of microwave weapons. In 1981 US Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) took over the project and it was renamed Center Lane, supervised by General Albert Stubblebine, who is married to psychiatrist and UFOlogist Rima Laibow. Remote viewers recruited to the program included Capt's Ed Dames, Bill Ray, Paul Smith, all had been trained by Scientologist Ingo Swann. General Stubblebine later became chairman of the civilian remote viewing company Psi-Tech, founded by Major Ed Dames.

Following the Oliver North debacle, the Secretary of Defense officially terminated GRILL-FLAME, fearing bad publicity if the program were to become known to the public. The leading members of the project -- including Dames -- immediately relocated to the privately owned and newly formed Psi-Tech, and continue their work to this day, operating under government contract. In the course of his work, Dames was (and remains) close to many of the leading figures and proponent's anti-personnel electromagnetic weapons, especially those that operate in the neurological field. During NBC's "The Other Side" program, Dames stated, "The U.S. Government has an electronic device which could implant thoughts in people." He refused to comment further. The program was broadcast during April 1995.

Psi-Tech was sponsoring Operation Guiding Light, that is, remote viewing classes for students of Chatfield Senior High School, the school that absorbed the Columbine students after the mass killing took place. Dr. Louis Jolyon ["Jolly"] West was responsible for medical oversight of Grill Flame, the author of the 1994 paper, "Pseudo-identity and the Treatment of Personality Changes in Victims of Captivity and Cults". West states, "Prolonged environmental stress or life situations profoundly different from the usual, can disrupt the normally integrative functions of personality." (Kieth pg267)


A Modern Major General Exposed?


The fictional Major-General who appears in Gilbert and Sullivan's 1879 comic opera "The Pirates of Penzance" famously sings boastfully about his extremely wide general knowledge. Hardly the most modest of people, he comically claims to know about or to understand all manner of disparate subjects, and repeatedly tells the audience that he is "the very model of a modern Major-General."

Not entirely dissimilarly therefore, the health freedom movement has recently been subjected to the increasingly bizarre claims of a real-life Major-General, a man who, rather like his counterpart in The Pirates of Penzance, claims to be an expert in all manner of things.

Major General Albert (Bert) N. Stubblebine III (U.S. Army, Retired)

Major General Albert (Bert) N. Stubblebine III (U.S. Army, Retired) graduated from The United States Military Academy (West Point) in 1952, and served in the US Army for 32 years. Starting his career as an Armor officer, he subsequently rose through the ranks to lead troops at every echelon of Army command, and held several senior posts in US Army Intelligence. His commands as a General Officer included the US Army Intelligence Center and School, the Army's Electronic Research and Development Command (ERADCOM) and the US Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM). Whilst on active duty Stubblebine also redesigned the intelligence architecture of the United States Army, and restructured the Army Intelligence training curriculum. After his retirement from the Army in 1984 he served until 1990 as the Vice President for Intelligence Systems at BDM Corporation, a private defense sector contractor, and then acted as a part-time consultant to two government contractors; ERIM, and Space Applications Corporation (SAC). More recently, and along with his wife, the psychiatrist Rima Laibow, Stubblebine sits on the Board of Canadian Submarine Technologies Inc, and claims to be the designer of AEGIS, "a major Homeland Security private initiative".

Given this background, and his resulting proximity to the US Government, eyebrows began to be raised in the health freedom community in early 2005 when, along with Rima Laibow, Stubblebine launched the website of the Natural Solutions Foundation and began to promote himself as an expert on Codex Alimentarius.

However, for a man who had previously held several senior posts in US Army Intelligence, and who as such would be acutely aware of the need to ensure accuracy in the gathering of information, it quickly became apparent to experienced health freedom observers that Stubblebine either hadn't done his homework properly, or that he and Laibow were intentionally spreading inaccurate and misleading material on Codex and other related dietary supplement issues via their website and press releases. Moreover, despite repeated concerns being expressed by more experienced health freedom observers, Stubblebine and Laibow continued to disseminate this material, and pointedly ignored requests to remove it from their website.

The inaccuracy of their written output on Codex reached a new high in July 2005, when, following the adoption by the Codex Alimentarius Commission of restrictive new global guidelines for vitamin and mineral supplements, Stubblebine and Laibow announced that a miracle had taken place at the Commission's meeting. While the health freedom community looked on in astonishment, Stubblebine and Laibow went on to claim that during the meeting a World Health Organization (WHO) Under Secretary for Food Safety had spoken "sternly, sharply and scathingly of the fact that little contribution to human health had been made by Codex" and that WHO had stated that "things would be different in the future". Of course, the Dr. Rath Health Foundation later proved, definitively, that these assertions were largely either mistaken or exaggerated; however this unfortunately didn't stem what was by then becoming a growing tide of inaccuracy flowing from Stubblebine and Laibow.

Next, for example, following a meeting of the Codex Committee on Food Labelling that took place in Ottawa, Canada in May 2006, Stubblebine claimed that the meeting's outcome was a "Stunning Victory" for health freedom, despite the fact that such an assertion had absolutely no basis in fact, as proven by the Dr. Rath Health Foundation and confirmed by other experienced observers who were present at the meeting, including even the Natural Solutions Foundation's own legal council.

Perhaps not surprisingly therefore, Stubblebine did not take kindly to being repeatedly exposed in this way, and subsequently confronted Paul Anthony Taylor at the July 2006 meeting of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, in Geneva. Paul's summary of this encounter follows below:

Immediately after the close of the meeting Bert Stubblebine approached me and positioned himself so that I could not easily walk away. His manner was somewhat aggressive, and at one point I had to tell him that there was no need to shout, as his raised voice and threatening manner were beginning to attract the attention of other delegates. He claimed that the subject of his anger was the Foundation's Codex meeting in Ottawa article, as well as the Miracle in Rome? and Be Wary of the Instant Experts articles that had recently been revised to include his and Rima Laibow's names. He asked me whether I wrote these articles, and I answered that the decision to name him in them was taken by the Executive Board of the Dr. Rath Health Foundation. In turn, I asked him whether he disagreed with any of the factual corrections that the Dr. Rath Health Foundation had published regarding the fictional nature of material put out by his organization, and, if so, which ones? "All of them", he answered.

Rima Laibow, speaking at Northwest Missouri State University in November 2005

By this point we had been joined by his wife, Rima Laibow, who, seemingly white with anger, proceeded to ask me some of the same questions that Bert had just asked me. I therefore told her that I had just answered these same questions to Bert, and that as such I saw no need to answer them again. Rima then proceeded to ask me "Who are the Executive Board of the Dr. Rath Health Foundation?", and I told her that the relevant names could all be found on the Foundation's website. At this they both about-turned and stormed off, and Rima muttered something whilst they were walking away to the effect that they would find that information very interesting.

The Dr. Rath Health Foundation believes that the health freedom movement now needs to ask several important questions of Stubblebine and the Natural Solutions Foundation:

Why are Codex reports issued by the Natural Solutions Foundation increasingly at odds with those of more experienced observers, including even those of its own Legal Counsel?
  1. Why does the Natural Solutions Foundation claim that miracles and stunning victories for health freedom have taken place at Codex meetings when in reality no such miracles or stunning victories have taken place?

  2. Why does Stubblebine – a man who has held several senior posts in US Army Intelligence and who as such will be acutely aware of the need to ensure accuracy in the gathering of information – continue to permit the National Solutions Foundation's articles and press releases to contain numerous crucial inaccuracies, and why does he refuse to correct them?

  3. Was it Stubblebine's intention to try to intimidate Paul Anthony Taylor at the July 2006 meeting of the Codex Alimentarius Commission in Geneva?

  4. Given that Stubblebine once admitted in a court of law that his "real expertise is government, primarily intelligence", and, when asked whether he had any other skills, answered "Not particularly", what does he expect the health freedom movement to conclude regarding his spreading of inaccurate and misleading material on Codex and other related dietary supplement issues?

Is Albert Stubblebine "the very model of a modern Major-General"? We'll leave you to make up your own minds on that one, and can only but wonder what Gilbert and Sullivan might have made of him. One thing is for sure however, in that the fictional Major-General in "The Pirates of Penzance", with his "pretty taste for paradox", would probably find a man with a background in the Intelligence Community, but who can't seem to get his facts right, most interesting indeed."

Every nation is corrupt. Every system of government is corrupt. We've all gone wrong, only God has it right. Love is God, Truth is God. Government is distraction and prideful disobedience to God.
"Fear not [there is nothing to fear], for I am with you; do not look around you in terror and be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen and harden you to difficulties, yes, I will help you; yes, I will hold you up and retain you with My [victorious] right hand of rightness and justice" (Isaiah 41:10, AMP).
"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up" (Gal. 6:9).
"Lift up your heads…that the King of glory may come in" (Psalm 24:7, AMP).
"Call on Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall honor and glorify Me" (Psalm 50:15)
"Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things" (Col. 3:1-2).

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