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PROPHETIC WARNINGS for Christians in America

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In Hope, and In Christ,



-By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical perspective-
I have just finished a series of 2 five day water-only fasts. They were only a few days apart. I grew very weak after the first five, and have to break it, and resumed five more immediately after a few days.
Because of many factors, but primarily because GOD LED ME TO.
We all know that serious predicted NWO agenda events/black ops will be accelerating quickly under OBAMA. CHRISTIANS WILL BE TARGETED IN THE FUTURE ! Don't believe me? Read all about the Hate Crime Bill for example!
They will be targeted in MANY other  tragic ways, even as my reporting has outlined for 13 years now, warning and waking up THE SLEEPING CHURCH in America, so tragically ignorant for the most part of these planned attacks to come.
Beyond  my deep personal needs and concerns, I am MORE concerned FOR THE CHURCH IN NORTH AMERICA! This is a TIME for all of us to put away our food and SEEK GOD THROUGH FASTING AND PRAYER.
Last night, very weak and shaky, I went to bed. AND THE HOLY SPIRIT CAME UPON ME WITH POWER! I was filled with a spirit of prophecy as never before! SATURATED!
Tongues flowed out like a mighty rushing wind! God spoke to me distinctly about the coming times with URGENCY. What did He say?
He revealed that the time of testing for the Church in America are VERY VERY SOON. That YES, persecution with suffering and martyrdom will come with it to MANY.
He emphasized that people will be tempted to fall away. And gave a very stern warning from Scriptures about the eternal sin of falling away after knowing HIM.
The emphasis throughout it was the call to His people in our nation to remain FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH through all that is to descend on the Church in North America.
I then heard the words distinctly..."They are COMING FOR YOU...." It sounded strange and eerie as I heard it. He spoke to me of those who wanted to vehemently end my life for my reporting.
I remained in the spirit and told Him "YOU WILL KEEP ME FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH! I WILL OVERCOME!" We talk about this all the time (for years), and He knows my labor, my sacrifice, my many sufferings and losses for HIS CALL ON MY LIFE to do this important work, and HE KNOWS MY HEART. I LOVE HIM!
 I accept the terms of TRUE DISCIPLESHIP! We must hate our lives in this world, love HIM more than anything else, and REMAIN FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH and CONFESS HIM BEFORE MEN.
I told God I so wanted to go into new ministry, and fulfill many things for Him before I die. But the bottom line is, IF THEY COME FOR ME and  there is NO ESCAPE, LET them arrest me.
LET them torture this body beyond belief (as I was warned would happened). LET them behead it for spite. LET them destroy this temporal body and dispose of it.
I am waiting for a COMING RESURRECTION and an eternal BODY TO COME! This world is NOT MY HOME! I have suffered the loss of all things in the service of Jesus for 38 years now, in sacrificial ministries throughout these years. I have nothing left in this world, BUT HIS KINGDOM AND A RESURRECTION BODY AND LIFE IN ETERNITY!
I know where I stand in this issue. I have suffered for Jesus for many years, been tempted to deny Him, set up to be abducted and killed, imprisoned numerous times for Christian pro-life activities during work with OPERATION RESCUE, etc. My faith has been tested throughout these years. BUT IT STANDS FIRM TO THIS DAY!
My question IS for my beloved Christians for whom I have laid down my life in this ministry to WARN THEM OF THINGS TO COME, Where do YOU STAND as these things come soon?
ARE you prepared to suffer the loss of all things for your testimony of Jesus Christ? Are you prepared to watch as your loved ones are arrested for their faith, tempted to deny Jesus, and when they won't be martyred for their faith under martial law?
WILL your faith stand when they bring forth the modern guillotines (to fulfill Revelation 20:4 and the NOAHIDE LAWS legislation already signed, to be activated ONLY after the Constitution is suspended and MARTIAL LAW is declared in the USA)already in many prisoner boxcars with shackles, and in numerous military bases throughout America...prepared to KILL THE CHRISTIANS who will not renounce their faith to join the NWO? When they round you up to take you to the camps as POTENTIAL TERRORISTS, etc. (We have already been labeled that....)
Is JESUS YOUR GOD and SAVIOR YOU WILL DIE FOR...or are your earthly THINGS, FAMILY, CHILDREN, JOB, etc. more important in YOUR  heart of hearts?
This is truly a time of heart-searching, my beloved friends in Jesus!
God emphasized to me that the coming persecution and TRIBULATIONS will be so severe, that NO true Christian will be able to successfully stand without seeking HIM FOR STRENGTH and PROTECTION and GRACE and PROVISION even NOW...preparing their hearts to stand victorious BY HIS GRACE. He, and not I.
Oh, His message was SO powerful and consuming.
I gave myself to this ministry to WAKE UP THE CHURCH IN AMERICA for 13 long years. My personal sufferings throughout this ministry, the trials, the losses to my health, possessions, finances, EVERYTHING I HAD IN THIS WORLD will be WORTH IT ALL...
If Christians will only take these warnings (AND HIS WARNINGS THROUGH BIBLE PROPHECY, MORE IMPORTANTLY)seriously and prepare their hearts to STAND FAST and BE FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH in the times we face.
It has already been prophesied FOR DECADES by numerous ministries that MANY CHRISTIANS WILL FALL AWAY in the coming times of testing throughout America. Jesus warned of the same thing as well in Matthew 24.
God called me to this sacrificial ministry 13 years ago on the behalf of MILLIONS of my fellow Americans, including YOU.
For those of you who have followed my reporting for years now (and there are in fact MILLIONS of people blessed by my reports, as I have discovered, nationwide and worldwide and published in blogs and websites around the world) please, don't let HIS sufferings for you and mine as well BE IN VAIN.
Your souls will suffer most of all if you do NOT PREPARE in a Biblically for prophesied testing to come.
Please won't YOU fast and pray now and seek Him regarding the truth about all I have shared? You will not regret it!
AND I AM NOT A DATE SETTER! He gave me NO DATES. ONLY the Lord God the ALMIGHTY KNOWS when certain events will come down! But your prayers can hold it back a LITTLE WHILE LONGER, for more people to prepare.
Dark events to transpire are moving rapidly UNDER OBAMA the communist/NWO supporting leader now over this nation.
AS one CIA remarked to one contact of mine, "Now that OBAMA HAS BEEN ELECTED, look out! It's time for THE BIG BAD THINGS to happen in AMERICA!" Meaning, Martial Law time!
He was referring to the military/intelligence community BLACK OPS to be staged, blamed on AL QAIDA or other groups working secretly for the CIA and the NOW agenda, which include massive bombings in various cities, terrible chem/bio releases of deadly disease, and more. I have reported on this on radio and websites with former insiders and former CIA microbiologists who admitted to all the above TO COME.
Isn't this a good time TO PREPARE???

God bless you all, Pamela



All TRUTH goes through 3 stages:

FIRST-     it is ridiculed...

SECOND- it is violently opposed...

THIRD-     it is finally accepted as SELF EVIDENT.

Jesus Christ declared,

"You shall KNOW THE TRUTH,

and the TRUTH shall make you FREE."




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