Tuesday, June 30, 2009

War Machine


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Subject: News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

Criminal Rothschilds - video ~ link ~ Criminal and satanic!

Bone fragments in tomb belong to Saint Paul according to the Pope ~ link

Army coup ordered by Honduras Supreme Court ~ link

President of Honduras ousted by military coup - see the 'Coup in Honduras' with 4 photos and after this you can go onwards to see 'Turmoil in Honduras' with 268 photos ~ link

Venezuelan President Hugo Chaves threatens military action in Honduras - Supported by Ecuadorean President Rafael Correea who also threatens war - Presidents of Boliva (Evo Morales) and Nicaragua (Daniel Otaga) also giving support ~ link ~ This is not really likely to get into a shooting war, however, if America suddently - like in July - were blogged down in a general Middle East War and a Second Korean War, who knows. See also: Chaves threatens military invasion ~ link

Madoff was not main beneficiary of his scams ~ link ~ This is a very interesting article. It gives some information as to the outflow of billions to a small group of people. Many have linked Madoff to the Mossad or others; this is the first evidence that Madoff was not the head man but was working as part of something larger.

NeoCon Paul Wolfowitz calls for US interference in Iran ~ link ~ The NeoCons are getting themselves all worked up into a almost sexual frenzy over yet another Middle Eastern war/blood orgy, this time with Iran, Syria, Lebandon, and Palestine.

Life After Torture And Torment ~ link

UK MPs squirm as the spotlight aims at their 'second jobs' ~ link ~ In the United Kingdom, where Members of Parliament make six figure state salaries, you can outright hire a MP to work for you on a part time basis. Of course, no one abuses this - NOT.

Flashback (Sept. 23, 2007) Secret USAF team to prefect plan for Iran 'strike' ~ link ~ Interesting the team is headed by a top Jewish USAF general and a former Israeli military expert. Other reports indicate that the target list is from 3,000 to 3,500 sites in Iran! If anyone thinks that Iran, who is in possession of a massive Advanced Biological strategic MAD counter-force capable of killing a third of all human life on this planet, will not respond with everything they have if hit this hard is not dealing in reality.

New 'Food Control' Bill appears in US Congress - With almost no coverage this is really being FAST TRACKED - Bill would establish MARTIAL LAW via food control - Enslavement of farmers ~ link ~ You know, you simply cannot make this stuff up. The Illuminati and their bought and paid for political whores in Congress and the Administration and the Courts are bringing a fascist high tech police state to American and most of the developed world as fast as they can.

Husband of Argentina President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner - former President Nestor Kirchner - defeated in Congressional bid ~ link ~ This puts into serious question this couple's ability to hang onto the Presidency at the next national election.

Westminster Abbey: New crown shaped roof planned ~ link

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