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Debra Medina and Alex Jones

Some more on Debra Medina and Alex Jones


Jack Blood defends Debra Medina

"TRUTH that there are BODIES littered behind the ascension of ALEX JONES? YES!!" –Jack Blood, February 24th, 2010

Debra Medina is a senatorial candidate from Texas who actually seems to represent the populist vote. It seems she had better things to do than be a guest on Alex Jones' fearfest radio show, and Jones chose to take it as an insult. On top of that, Medina vilified "9/11 truthers" as "despicable" on the Glenn Beck Show recently, giving Alex Jones an excuse to go off on a rant about her, possibly disrupting the chances of the only populist candidate on the ticket in the last week building up to the election on March 2nd.

And the "truthers" are up in arms about it. Apparently some people have a hard time realizing that one of the worst mistakes a politician can make is taking a stand–any stand–on a controversial issue, especially at the last minute. How hard is it to see it was a loaded question, which she probably should have been prepared to answer beforehand, seeing the way populist candidates have historically been treated in this country.

As a result of Medina's "denial" of 9/11 truthers, Jones has purposefully set his rabid fans against her campaign, and inadvertently (so it seems) against her person. Fans of Alex Jones have actually had the audacity to telephone her with death threats, to the point where she has hired a personal bodyguard.

This was the last straw for Blood, and what he meant to be a short comment about the affair turned into a masterpiece of radio which will be remembered for a long time. Some might say he popped his cork, and others might say he'd finally had enough. Perhaps it was both, but the consensus seems to be that it was needed, and that the time is ripe for calling this self-deluded cur out for the shyster he is.

Right click and "save target" here for an mp3 of the Deadline Live show from February 24th, 2010, in which Jack Blood serves Alex Jones his ass on a platter.

Because of his association with Alex Jones, many in the war for truth and justice have questioned Blood's authenticity, including me. This exposure of Alex Jones has convinced me and many others that he is on the side of truth and justice, and has taken a stand against the tyranny that Alex Jones represents.

In an email sent to me last night, Jack Blood stated the following:

"Jones will make up anything about his perceived enemies to pre-empt possible scandals. He did that with Kevin Smith. Tried to get people to believe that he was Gay, and an "agent". Alex also likes to go around telling people that I am a Heroin addict. (I havent used hard drugs for 15 years! and can prove it) and he also adds that I am a "satanist" (because I am not a Christian and we have Punk rock stuff in our house – lol) People believe this crap.
I had a visit from a DPS employee (Now part of DHS) very late one night about 8 months ago. He was sent by Alex. I let him in and he confirmed what I stated above.
He let me know that I had gone too far in discussing Alex, and asked me to be quiet. I retreated because I have a young son, and
I was worried that CPS would be by. In the end… I told what I know
[on the radio show] to protect myself, my family, my city, and my state.
If anything should "Happen" to me he will be the #1 suspect. Debra
[Medina] has had to add extra security to deal with bodily threats from Jones fans. In this regard Jones is dangerous, and I don't think that he ever considers the fall out from his poison mic."

I think Jones definitely considers the fallout from his poisonous mic, and he relishes every minute of it. His pathetic lies about Russians launching nuclear missiles at the US on New Year's Eve 1999-2000 set the stage for his entire career. I can just imagine government disinformation agents listening to that broadcast, rubbing their hands together and saying: "That's our man! We need someone who can lie like Richard Nixon!"

Jones always claims to have "inside sources" which conveniently back up whatever infantile or fear mongering point he is attempting to prove. Perchance these inside sources are those feeding him the disinformation which drools from his lips every day on the radio? Who are these people, I'd like to know? Wouldn't you? He mentions them regularly…

You may have detected a slight bit of resentment on the part of this author toward Alex Jones. You are very perceptive, and I congratulate you. Alex Jones is either consciously or unconsciously creating a vast rift in what could potentially be the salvation of the human race, and it angers me immensely. Either way he needs to be delegated to the background, where he can scream and rant all he wants, and no one has to listen to him. No one cares about his slick television studio and his hollywood friends except those who have nothing to offer this war for truth and justice. He is a Jiminy Cricket in a Jabba the Hut disguise.

We're not asking for a damn thing. We have taken our freedom back. We don't need tea parties, and we don't need money bombs. We need direct action in our own personal lives. If you feel the yoke, throw it off and smash it! Don't wait for someone to tell you how to do it!

My hat is off to Jack Blood. His spontaneous decision to throw off the yoke of Alex Jones' overbearing farce of a persona has earned my respect and admiration, along with many others' admiration and respect as well. He has inspired many to tell their stories about Jones as well, and I think the near future should be as interesting for me as it is uncomfortable for Uncle Joe–er, Uncle Alex…

"It was then that I figured out they'll say anything to get hits on their website–THEY DON'T CARE."

–Jack Blood, February 24th, 2010, speaking about Alex Jones and crew

© Brandon Dean 2010

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