Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dr. Niman LIES

Still no word from Dr. Deagle

By AMcGS (Labvirus at:

It really bothers me to write this. I have been nothing but a genuine, loyal and vocal supporter of Dr. Bill Deagle in every way that I can think of, since the very first time I called into his show in late March 09. I have been so honored to be on-air with one of my heros, someone whose credentials in these relevant fields I perceive to be unparalleled. I have graciously accepted all invitations to be on-air on the NutriMedical show with Dr. Deagle in the past ten months, and have worked hard to create video promotional material and make efforts to increase his radio listenership.

The last I heard from Dr. Bill was last tuesday, when on-air while discussing my letter to Niman and the reply I got back, he invited me back to discuss this correspondence further on the friday flu panel with Dr. Gary Ridenour. I told him I was looking forward, and asked him "is it safe to say in your opinion that i was not mistaken on all fronts by writing Dr Niman?" and he said "absolutely" – its recorded, you can listen to the dialogue here. And so I said thank you Dr. Bill, hung up, and began looking forward to Friday. [He had also asked that I call back in the following days Wed and Thur to continue discussing, but due to work-related obligations I was unavailable to make those calls. I would assume Dr. Deagle would understand this.]

I blogged about this conversation with Dr. Bill and ended the post's title with HENRY NIMAN LIES. I mentioned we'd be talking about it more on Friday and challenged Dr Niman to call-in to the show to debate. The post stirred up a great deal of conversation and a quick consensus began to build that yes I was correct, Niman had effectively hung himself with his reply to my letter – evidencing total contradictions with his prior statements supporting vaccines, among other things.

As Friday came and I readied myself for the flu panel, the phone rang around 11am and the caller ID read NutriMedical, and it was Michelle his wife. She told me that Dr. Deagle had asked her to call and tell me not to promote Dr Deagle any more on my blog site, that it was OK I was following Dr. True Ott and so on, but most of what I post here is "junk" – they are "christians" – and she ended by saying Dr Deagle did not want me calling into the show any more. I let her finish, said "OK" then hung up and called Dr. Bill's celphone, thinking there must be some kind of mistake or failure to communicate, and that he would have an explanation. Instead, I have heard nothing. I left that first message at 1pm Friday.

I have heard from many people this weekend, including Dr. True Ott who also is perplexed over this issue, citing this is inconsistent with the Dr Deagle he knows. In Dr Ott's own words about me: "You have indeed been nothing but a most loyal supporter and backer of Dr. Bill from the very beginning. He at least owes you an explanation, I would think. If he doesn't, I am very concerned."

My best guess as to why I have been thrown under the Deagle bus is that somehow Dr Bill perceives me to have tricked him into siding against Niman in a world where that makes you a black sheep. I did not intend to trick or deceive anyone. My only aim is to get to the truth.

But, until I receive a formal explanation from the horse's mouth, I'm only left to speculating. I find it unfortunate and distasteful that after all I have done in my efforts to support Dr Bill Deagle for so many months, that I should be so abruptly – and disrespectfully – dismissed with such extreme prejudice. It was certainly never my intention ever to speak ill of Dr Bill or cause him or his family any grief.

Consider it safe to say, there will be no new posts here about Dr Bill or his show – indefinitely."


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