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Fw: [GhostTroopWashingtonDC] "Suppose there were an anthrax attack, and suppose you had antibiotics..."

Go to the natural health food store nearest you and buy yourself some "Super (colloidal) Silver".  It kills everything.  If you AREN'T required/physically-forced to take ANY upcoming 'vaccine', then DON'T.  -Lisa
"Topic started 2-21-2010 by jcrash at
"I don't even want to post this, as I find it extremely disturbing. Disturbing, because I think this is prediction is going to be accurate. The next false flag terrorist operation is an anthrax attack in Los Angeles in early May (maybe May 1st if they keep with "emergency" numbers – "May-day").

"Just like with writing, if you know the ending, it's easier to fill in the blanks leading up to it. The ending in this case is a "mutated" h1n1 and h5n1 virus that forces the entire US to get mass vaccinated (as delineated in the Cities Readiness Initiative - 72 cities get mass vax clinics, the rest get their meds mailed to them).
How to prepare the masses for this?
They are going to program the masses by first making an example out of a selected city and "saving" them with a mass vaccination. To sell the idea of mass vaccination. To show them that it's "safe" to follow orders. And it probably will be relatively safe in this particular instance.

"Let's go through the points, step by step.
"Asked by committee chair Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-California, of the likelihood of another attempted terror attack on the United States in the next three to six months, the officials agreed with Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair's initial answer of "certain."
So, at the beginning of February, they say an attack is "certain" within 3 to 6 months – which is May thru August. Why do they admit this? So they don't lose credibility when it happens.

"Again, it will be an anthrax attack as opposed to an explosion because the purpose of this attack is to sell the idea of mass vaccination for when the "mutated" virus appears in the next stage of their plans.

"Why does it happen in early May?
Just like in Haiti, just like 9-11, just like at 7-7 bombings, there is always a military operation going on at the same time. In this instance, it is Eagle Horizon.

"This national level exercise is scheduled for the beginning of May for FEMA regions VIII and IX.
This is the Dakotas, Colorado, California, Arizona, Nevada areas.
Since the purpose of the attack is to sell the idea of mass vaccination, we can deduce it will be a Cities Readiness Initiative city. These are the cities in the Eagle Horizon areas:
California: Fresno, Los Angeles, Riverside, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose
Colorado: Denver
North Dakota: Fargo
South Dakota: Sioux Falls
Montana: Billings
Wyoming: Cheyenne
Utah: Salt Lake City
Nevada: Las Vegas
Arizona: Phoenix
"Out of these cities, which ones are the most unstable, most poor? The worst cities, in my opinion, would be most cities in CA, Las Vegas, Phoenix. Las Vegas and Phoenix are not well, but would one say, "unstable" or in need of putting down?

"Out of the CA cities, which one has most "terrorist" marquee value? Sacramento, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles. And out of these, which are unstable?
All of them due to their financial crisis, but especially, San Francisco due to Oakland's proximity and Los Angeles. San Francisco/ Oakland is the capital of FEMA region IX. If they don't already have control of this area, it wouldn't be the capital.
So, Los Angeles it is. And it has a history of rioting to boot.

"I had conceptualized this a few days ago, and just today I came across this from the Los Angeles Times:
Entitled: "Suppose there were an anthrax attack, and suppose you had antibiotics…" It examines this poll:
In which the govt is studying if people will take their meds in this scenario. The poll is fascinating unto itself, but it is being used to prepare the citizens there for this exact scenario!
"from the Harvard poll:
Boston, MA – In a national poll aimed at helping with planning efforts for a public health response to a possible bioterrorism attack, researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) have found that, in response to a fictional scenario describing a significant anthrax attack in their city or town, most Americans (89%) will likely follow public health recommendations to obtain prophylactic antibiotics. However, a significant minority of those likely to pick up antibiotics (39%) will hold on to them rather than take them right away, which public health experts believe may put them at greater risk of serious illness.

"Further, 21% of Americans are "not at all familiar" with the term 'inhalation anthrax', and an additional 25% hold the mistaken belief that inhalation anthrax is contagious – two factors that could compromise their following emergency instructions meant to protect them against this biological agent. Anthrax has been identified by government planners as a likely agent should there be a future bioterrorist attack, and "inhalation anthrax" is a potentially lethal illness that can be contracted when spores containing anthrax are inhaled. Public health experts believe antibiotics that are started quickly – possibly even before a person is certain they have been exposed to anthrax spores or before symptoms of the illness appear – may have the greatest likelihood of successful treatment. The poll was conducted December 9-28, 2009 among a national sample, as well as people living in areas that actually experienced anthrax attacks in 2001: Washington, DC , Trenton/Mercer County, NJ and New York City. The poll was conducted as part of an ongoing series by the Harvard Opinion Research Program at HSPH.
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