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Fw: Window of opportunity for Israeli war on Iran

If anyone read the interview of the British politician/ex-military WMD expert done in January 2010 by Project Camelot, they you are aware there is a decades-old plan to use Iran and Israel to start a nuclear exchange which will destroy the Middle-East, then be followed by bio-war against China.  That article seems to perfectly frame the below linked articles.  Please read and share accordingly.
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"Fear not [there is nothing to fear], for I am with you; do not look around you in terror and be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen and harden you to difficulties, yes, I will help you; yes, I will hold you up and retain you with My [victorious] right hand of rightness and justice" (Isaiah 41:10, AMP).
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Ukraine's Tynoshenko's withdraw linked to delay in delivering highly advanced Russian S-300 Air Defense System to Iran

As a strategic analyst, what I do for my readers, is to connect the dots in Grand Strategy, military and economic strategy, and geopolitics. Often the dots do not seem to have any connection on the surface, but behind the scenes have a vital reason to be connected.

Such is the case with the Ukrainian presidential election, and the withdrawal of the Prime Minister Yulia Tynoshenko's legal challenge to the outcome of the election, and the delivery of the highly advanced S-300 Air Defense Missile System by Russia to Iran.

It was clear that neocon candidate, blond bombshell, Yulia Tynoshenko lost the election to the pro-Russian candidate. This was something that all the international observers agreed on. But the 'knives were out' for a 'battle royal' over the Ukraine - a battle between the international neocon/global banking cartel and Mother Russia. Suddenly, in a most unlikely move that surprised her supporters, Tynoshenko has dropped her challenge. You have to remember that the Ukraine has been a part of Russia, in the Russian Empire and then in the USSR, for hundreds of years. To the Russians, the Ukraine is as much a part of their nation as New York and New Jersey are to the Americans. The Russian Government considers that the matter of the outcome of the election to be a matter of vital national importance - those are words used to describe reasons to go to war regardless of the grave risk of such a war.

The Russians would not give in on 'western' demands to support much tougher sanctions on Iran and now suddenly the near-by (to Russia) Georgian republic is again 'heating up', threating another Georgian-Russian war with new supplies of American and Israeli military hardware. However, the Russians were willing to trade delaying the very high tech S-300 Air Defense System delivery to Iran for a neocon defeat/withdrawal in the Ukraine. Yulia Tynoshenko was 'thrown a bone' by being promised to be allowed to stay as Prime Minister for a while, but make no mistake about it, she was ordered to comply and she accepted in quick order as the good little neocon puppet she is.

The Russian very advance high-tech S-300 Air Defense System is the best such system in the world, with the exception of the brand new S-400 System that is only in very limited operational use in Russia itself and in Belarus (part of the Russian-Belarus Union). The Russian arms industry and national reputation is at stake with the sale to Iran of this highly advanced system. Therefor Russia is standing by its commitment to deliver the S-300 to Iran, but is using a bogus "technical" reason (the system is well tested and in service in a number of nations) to delay the actual delivery.

However, Israeli military officials have been going nuts over the system being installed in Iran and consider it to be a 'deal changer'. Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, the most pro-war leader that aggressive tiny Israel has ever had, just returned from a visit to Russia's leaders. He no doubt was the driving force behind and the key negotiator for the hidden Ukrainian/Russian/Israeli/neocon deal on the S-300 and Ukraine.

What this means for the rest of the world, is not only will we see the Ukraine join the Russian-Belarus Union (which Putin is Head of Government/Prime Minister of, as well as being Prime Minister of Russia itself) but we will also likely see the Imperial Romanov claimant, HIH, The Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna Romanov returned as a figurehead joint Head of State/Empress. The Romanovs were overthrown and the Imperial Family brutally murdered by the communists under the direction of and with financing by the global banking cartel (Rothschilds, Warburgs, Rockefellers, Morgans, etc.) during the First World War as the Romanovs would not allow the cartel to control the Russian economy and financial system/money supply (like they do in America with the Federal Reserve System, in the United Kingdom with the Bank of England, etc., etc.).

The REAL IMPORTANCE to the world at large, however, is that the delay in the delivery of the S-300 Air Defense System will allow a 'window-of-opportunity' for Israel to kick off a General Middle East War, either with a direct attack on Iran or with a war on Lebanon which will on-the-first-day become also a war with Syria and Iran, and will involve a massive air/missile attack on Iran. American forces will quickly become involved and the USAF and USN air power will be used to hit some 1,500 targets in Iran.

No doubt offers were made to Russia to guarantee that this new Middle Eastern war will not become the Third World War that the global banking cartel wants to use, along with their created new Global Depression, to usher in their long sought New World Order/one world currency/high tech slave state world government. That 'guarantee' is not apt to be worth much as Iranian advanced biowar viruses sweep the world (including Russia and China) and Israeli and American nuclear fallout (from target sites in Syria, Lebanon, and Iran) spreads throughout the Norther Hemisphere of this planet.

Earl of Stirling (Tim Alexander)

Relevant articles:

Ukraine's Prime Minister Yulia Tynoshenko withdraws presidential election outcome challenge ~ link ~
This is the hidden price that the neocons have to pay Russia to "delay" for "technical" reasons the delivery of the highly advanced S-300 Air Defense System to Iran. This gives Israel and America a window of opportunity to hit Iran before any S-300 System (already mostly paid for by Iran) is in place. See also ~ link ~
The Russian S-300 anti-aircraft missile defense system
The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister says his country has every intention of delivering the advanced S-300 air defense missile systems to the Islamic Republic.

Israeli daily Haaretz reported on Tuesday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who visited Russia on Tuesday, has been assured that the sale of the S-300 anti-aircraft system to Iran "will be held off" by the Kremlin.

However, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov commented on the report, saying that the deal is still in motion

"There is a contract to supply these systems to Iran, and we will fulfill it … Delays (with deliveries) are linked to technical problems with adjusting these systems," Ryabkov said on Friday.

Russian arms manufacturer: No technical problems behind S-300 delivery delay ~ link ~ This is what I have been saying.
Russia's S-300 missile system
The head of the Russian arms manufacturer Almaz-Antey — the company which makes the S-300 system — has dismissed the reports that the delivery of the air defense system to Iran is delayed due to technical problems.

"It isn't a question of technology. It's a question of politics," dpa quoted Vladimir Kazparyants as saying on Wednesday.

His remarks come on the same day that Moscow cited unspecified technical reasons for the delay in the delivery of the S-300 anti-aircraft system to Iran.

Top Russian General: An American attack on Iran would lead to US collapse ~ link ~ But Russia's General of the Army Nikolay Makarov, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, warned that an American attack on Iran now, when the US is bogged down in two wars, might well lead to the collapse of the United States. He said that such an attack would roil the region and have negative consequences for Russia (a neighbor of Iran via the Caspian Sea). And, he said, the Russian military is taking steps to forestall such an American strike on Iran. Makarov made the remarks in Vzglyad on Friday, February 19, 2010, and they were translated or paraphrased by the USG Open Source Center:

Signs of Ukraine Returning to Russia ~ link

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