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> Governor David Paterson
> State Capitol
> Albany, NY 12224
> date
> Governor Paterson,
> On 2/11/10, you stated on Larry King Live that the accusations made
> against you involved an issue of FAIRNESS standards, and that you
> wouldn't want anyone to be subjected to something for which there is
> no remedy other than fairness. Your actions in the following case will
> demonstrate whether those words are true.
> Rebecca Carley, MD, was charged with practicing medicine with a
> mental disability which allegedly impaired her ability to practice
> medicine on May 16, 2002. This charge occurred due to Dr. Carley's
> public access TV show where she outlined the cover up of the sexual
> assault of her 3-year-old son by his father on Father's Day, 6/20/99.
> Ex-Nassau County D.A. Denis Dillon, whose office was involved in the
> cover-up, sent a copy of her TV show to the Office of Professional
> Medical Conduct (OPMC). The OPMC then charged Dr. Carley with having a
> "non-bizarre delusion" involving the conspiracy to cover up this
> toddler's violent assault. Joey Carley was unable to have a bowel
> movement for 2 weeks after the assault. This crime was covered up by
> various governmental agencies, including the police, CPS, DA's office,
> etc. Reporter Paul Vitello, in the 2/11/03 edition of Newsday,
> described DA Dillon as a "public servant...who has spent a quarter
> century in office giving free passage to corrupt politicians, brutal
> correction officers, bad cops, just about anyone with a uniform or a
> position in society". Vitello described Dillon as an "avatar of
> silence" regarding his quarter century of inaction in prosecuting
> pedophile priests. There is no remedy. There is no fairness.
> Dr Carley had evaluations done by 10 psychiatrists and psychologists
> who all found her normal even after what had been done to her only
> child. * The OPMC did not allow these evaluations into evidence.* The
> definition of delusion is a "fixed false belief". Since Dr Carley has
> a mountain of evidence proving her son's rape was covered up, there is
> no false belief. The actual facts include 2 days of foster parent
> testimony of what Joey told them his father had done to him. This
> evidence proving there was no false belief was * not allowed into the
> record* by the OPMC either. *No evidence was submitted by the OPMC
> that Dr Carley's ability to practice medicine was in any way
> impaired.*
> On 7/6/03, the OPMC suspended Dr. Carley's license (docket # BPMC
> #03-179); only 2 of the 3 OPMC board members concurred. The Chairman
> of the board hearing Dr. Carley's case was Dr. Patrick Carone; a
> psychiatrist who also sat on the board of Nassau County Medical Center
> (one of whose employees committed a class E felony by throwing Joseph
> Carley's rape kit into the garbage without it being evaluated,
> destroying critical physical evidence). Dr. Carone obviously had a
> major conflict of interest to be involved in this case. Dr. Carley was
> ordered to undergo psychiatric treatment for a fraudulent diagnosis.
> Such was an obvious attempt to cause physical harm to Dr. Carley with
> dangerous psychiatric drugs.
> To further illustrate the total fraud in this case, on 9/17/03 the
> NYS legislature passed bill A1108A into law, ordering the OPMC to turn
> criminal doctors in to the authorities after pedophile pediatric
> neurologist Philip Ryback had sexually abused over 100 of his
> pediatric patients. The OPMC having received complaints about this
> pedophile MD did NOTHING. The public outcry that resulted led to the
> legislature passing this bill. Therefore, the medical board who
> claimed Dr. Carley had a "delusion" that her son's sexual abuse was
> being covered up by authorities were COVERING UP SEXUAL ABUSE
> Dr. Carley put hundreds of pages of documents into the record during
> a hearing in the NC legislature. The deputy majority counsel of the
> Nassau County (NC) Legislature at the time, Sharon Commissionig, wrote
> to Attorney General Eliot Spitzer requesting him to investigate the
> cover up of Joey Carley's sexual abuse. Dr. Carley also had a
> federal lawsuit against ex-NC family Court judge Richard Lawrence at
> the time. Instead of investigating this case, Spitzer represented
> judge Lawrence and got the case dismissed. Dr. Carley was granted a
> divorce based on domestic violence; on that basis alone, this violent
> man should not have been awarded custody by corrupt judge Lawrence.
> When Andrew Cuomo did his "road show" around NYS in the fall of 2008,
> a large group of Long Islanders demanded he investigate Dr. Carley's
> case. He turfed the demand to his assistant Mylan Denerstein, who did
> absolutely nothing. It is obvious that Cuomo is the likely suspect to
> have instigated the scandal you are now caught up in so he can push
> you out and run for governor. How would the public respond to knowing
> that Cuomo is continuing the corruption and fraud in this case,
> furthering the irreparable damages caused to now 14 year old Joseph
> Carley, who has had no contact with his mother for over 8 years
> because his mother speaks the truth?
> We DEMAND ACTION from you to restore her license immediately. We
> expect a response in writing outlining the exact steps by which you
> will accomplish this. Since the corruption in this case extends to so
> many agencies within NYS government (including the AG office), it is
> obvious that this case calls for an independent investigator. Dr.
> Carley now lives in North Carolina due to the harassment she was
> enduring in NYS, including attempts on her life. Her contact info is:
> Rebecca Carley, MD
> PO Box 9241
> Hickory, NC 28603
> 828-294-0662
> Dr. Carley has a weekly internet radio show with listeners all over
> the world; she will be reporting your response to this demand for an
> investigation to her listeners. If you do not provide Remedy and
> Fairness the next Action planned is a massive demonstration on the
> steps of your office in Albany.
> Sincerely,
> your name
> address
> cc: Dr. Carley
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