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Tryanny Ahead

From Tom Gambill:
"sneaky Martial law in King, NC and in South Carolina.......
Date: Monday, February 15, 2010, 7:58 PM

Psychological Warfare Blueprint Path To The Road Of Tryanny Ahead

By Robert Jones

The last 2 to 3 weeks have been quite an insight for the road ahead of us. I have received info from various sources, spoken on the phone with Steve Quayle and Lindsey Williams, and received a bombardment of IP hits from DHS, USAISC, CIA, State Department, World Bank, and Goldman Sachs to name a few. The information concerning the DHS request for Russian advanced security forces as part of a mulit-national security force to help quell civil unrest in CONUS sparked much of the interest of the above listed agencies viewing my blog.

From what I have seen, heard, and been warned about; The psychological and dis-information campaigns against us have been stepped up and set out against us. Attacks against me, other patriots, Steve Quayle, and yes- people do contact Lindsey Williams and chew him out for what he has warned us about and call him a coward. People's youtube accounts have been getting hacked and bombarded lately, comments stirring up in-fighting and calling people kooks and claiming that their information is false and not true have been a growing problem and shows up on the comments in my blog.

Much of this effort against the patriot movement is coming from cyber-warriors at DHS posing as commentors, and cyber-warriors at USAISC [some people that work at USAISC are not involved in this are on our side and have confirmed this is going on] and come from this IP address:

Dhs/bsl002a (

United States Arlington, Virginia, United States, 0 returning visits

Date Time Type WebPage
4th February 2010 08:38:06 Page View www.stevequayle.com/start.html
4th February 2010 08:38:25 Page View www.stevequayle.com/start.html

Referrer http://www.stevequayle.com/start.html
Host Name sbcp5.dhs.gov
IP Address
Country United States
Region Virginia
City Arlington
ISP Dhs/bsl002a

This is all just a needle in a stack of needles for the psychological warfare to come in the following months as the planned destruction of the US economic and monetary structure continues into oblivion on the US population. How the mask of the severity of our dire situation is kept on to the majority of the people in the US has made it this far is far beyond driven as it is and I am sure this Psy-warfare by the maintstream mocking-bird media will only explode to counter the number of people that are waking up and getting off their back sides.

The coming health care bill will invade the minds of the people in the United Stated and the push to get it through by TPTB will be in a manner unseen before because every possible attempt to get it passed and pushed WILL be made because it has nothing to do with health-care and everything to do with control---- gun control/confiscation, euthanasia [population reduction], the microchip, what you can take out of the bank, who you can work for----- I think you get the idea...........

The mode of intimidation [the New World Order bluff weapon] will be concurrent with the deterioration of our dire situation in measures of the magnitude of police state to go with it as the destruction of the dollar continues to impoverish the American people into a third world status when food becomes so costly people will not be able to purchase it with the toilet-paper it is printed on. After speaking with Lindsey Williams on the phone for a period of time (and more than once) there are things I cannot say and things that I can say. I asked if there was any elaboration of police state measures to come with the 30-50% devaluation coming in 2010 [according to 'Mr. X' the elitist] and Mr. Williams explained that was not told to him and that is the blanks we have to fill in and figure out even though we pretty much know what they will be and can speculate what they will be. I see the multi-national (MJTF) security forces [INTERPOL, UN, etc] coming in for this as the US soldiers that are loyal to you and me that would not and absolutely despise the thought of this are not here and unfortunately being used in Trash-canistan to guard the opium fields and pipelines for the real drug dealers of the world (Wall Street, International banksters, and the rest of the NWO scumsuckers) and are not here to go against this type of order only to be left behind when the Luciferians kick off the next war. [ If you doubt those words then take a look at this document written long ago. ]

If you still laugh at the thought of foreign troops on US soil maybe you should read this email I received just yesterday:

(Name with-held)
I have been following your blog for a while now. The foreign troop situation is very real and i know that you are already aware of this. I live and work around Northern Virginia near DC. Pretty much the heart of the military industrial complex. I have had some experiences recently that have really shaken me up. I was walking around Reston in a well known shopping area and i saw a pack of about 10-12 German Military troops in full camo gear just hanging out and walking down the street. I saw the german flag on their arms. I was working at the time so i didnt have time to question them about their presence.

About 4 weeks later, i was driving my car about 4 or 5 miles away from the area, and while i was at a red light, i see a car pull up next to me. There is one passenger in the drivers seat, and he is in full camo wearing a German Flag on his arm. (note the plates of his car was Virginia). I rolled down my window to get his attention. I tried to play it like i was a dumb civilian and asked him what unit he was with. He then told me he was German Military. I asked him what gave him jurisdiction to be operating on US American soil, and he hesitatingly said the US government. I then asked him who was in charge of his unit, who he answers to within the US, and what their role was. He then started to tell me that they are working directly with the Pentagon and their doing Security work at Dulles Airport. This is a major airport for this area and for DC. I tried to ask him if they have arrested anyone, and what exactly they were tasked with doing. He then hesitated to answer the question again. The light had turned Green at that time and we had to roll. This interaction has really made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, and has really solidified the seriousness of this situation. What the hell could they be doing at Dulles Airport? Who can we start out contacting to get more info on this? That seems like a blatant violation of the law. Not only are we violating Posse Commentates but we are now allowing FOREIGN MERCS to do this??????? What are your thoughts on this?

The name of the game is control and that is what you will see in the weeks and the months ahead. Expect (already happening) hijackings of the truth movement, tea-parties, rallies, talk show hosts information, demonization of gun shows, gun owners, and every other attempt possible in the psychological blueprint to destroy the United States. Get your spiritual, mental, and preparedness houses in order as best to your ability that you can and refuse/resist the war on your mind, soul, and freedom.

Robert Jones

http://thefightofyourlife.blogspot.com/2010/02/psychological-warfare-blueprint-path-to.html ".


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