Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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Good People:
I just found this report from Huffington Post, which states, as the interviewee states in his long talk (see original response below), Clinton has called all ambassadors and consulates home to DC for a meeting.  He claimed the meeting has been called to announce there will be a new world monetary policy, including: the Iraqi Dinar will be the trade currency for oil purchases, and, the US Treasury will now issue Dollars instead of the FED, which is to be dissolved. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/01/31/clinton-ambassador-meeting_n_816146.html
After reading the above linked article, THEN read below for the rest of the story
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I am hearing something very interesting... a link with NO information was sent to me, and it opens to an audio file, which I'm still busy listening to... the people speaking are on what sounds like an internet radio program, which is conducted via telephones only.  You can imagine the sound isn't top quality.  The man being loosely interviewed gave only a name of 'contact2'.  He's not specifying where he's getting his information, but it FLOWS quite freely from him, not fast, but smoothly.  He doesn't sound unbalanced in any way, and his history is military since the 1970's.  He has tons of 'info', which we don't know WHERE it's coming from, but it's actually sounding... well.... GOOD
It's odd to say the least, but what I've gotten so far (in a terribly small nutshell) is that on or about Feb 7 (one of our 'target' dates), there will be a new currency in America, issued by the US Treasury.  And the Iraqi Denar will revalue, and be the new currency used world-wide for the purchase of oil, allowing Iraq to pay for all it's own infrastructure needs and absolve it of all debts. 
The US FED will be dissolved.  The IRS will PROBABLY dissolve, but more slowly.
China has caused all this to happen, because it's fed up with the evil cabal which has been running amok world-wide.  China loaned America $43 Trillion Dollars in 1941 and had a 75 year pay off.  Bush and Clinton want to not pay it back and thought the Chinese family that gave the loan was dead and gone, but an heir showed up in Taiwan.  So, pay up boys.
China is also busily disbanding OPAC, which was a scheme set up by Rockefeller and Bush (don't know if it was Prescott or George H.) to control the price and production of oil.  China is not having it anymore, as it buys most of the oil being produced.
He further stated that China DID launch the rocket off of CA a few months back, because it wanted to show America that they have capabilities we aren't aware of, that being they have subs which the west can't detect, sitting in American waters.  It fired some kind of missile over the American ship (the Truman?), which caused no harm, but the missile fried the entire Princess Cruise vessel which was near by, and that ship was towed into port with it's thousands of vacationers aboard.
All I can say is, it would be OUTSTANDING if this were true.  And if it IS true, I don't believe the evil crazy bastards will go down without causing great damage first to help them all disappear before they're rounded up for mass murder, crimes against humanity, treason, and just add to this list.  I HOPE it's true, and I further HOPE and PRAY that they can't complete their insanely evil plans for another colossal FF.
Here's the link:   
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: http://tinyurl.com/4nz39no
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Tomorrow, date of the MSM's 'Groundhog Day
Blizzard of 2011', is Wednesday, February 2, 2011.
"Wednesday's child is full of woe".
22211 = 2222 = 8 (OMEGA) or 611 = 911.
It is the 33rd day of the year, with 332 (8) remaining.
> February 2nd is a "cross day" representing the midpoint of winter.
> Under the moniker of Groundhog Day, this "cross day" was first
celebrated in 1887 = 888 = 26 = 8.
> It is also the feast day (Roman Calendar)* of Cornelius The Centurion,
considered to be the first Gentile to be converted to Christianity (without
having to be circumcised first(see link, below):
Cornelius The Centurion
*The feast day of Cornelius (Episcopalian) is February 7th - one of the
"Event" days predicted for 2011 [1/8-2/7-3/6-4/5-5/4-6/3-7/2-8/1-9(?)].
NOTE:  The Zip Code 22211 is for Fort Myer, Virginia, of which I am
familiar, and whose current mission is "to support Homeland Security
in the Capitol" (see link, below)":
Fort Myer, Virginia


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