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Iodine causes Bromide Flush and the Salt Cure

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Subject: Fw: Iodine causes Bromide Flush and the Salt Cure

Subject: Iodine causes Bromide Flush and the Salt Cure
Date: Monday, March 14, 2011, 1:04 PM

We have the potential of another Chernobyl with the Japan explosions.  There have been 160 reports of radiation sickness, so we need to think about this.

Bromide & Salt Loading

Remember Organic Iodine not Inorganic Iodine that is toxic.


The iodine doctors have found in treating over 4000 patients that what is commonly thought to be a bad reaction to iodine is most likely bromide toxicity. Iodine, Bromide, Fluoride and Chlorine are all halides. When we are low in iodine and are exposed these other halides they will take a place on the iodine receptors. If we have been exposed to many of these halides over a long time period we may be considered bromide toxic. In the lab tests for iodine sufficiency the docs are seeing high levels of bromide excreted as the dose of iodine increases. Moving bromide out of the body can cause symptoms (listed below) in people who are highly bromide toxic, as the iodine pushes the bromide off the iodine receptors. There are several strategies for dealing with bromide symptoms if you get them.


Dr. Brownstein has said that less than 5% of his patients had any kind of detox symptoms.


1. Salt Loading (see details below).

2. Stopping iodine for 48 hours to rest the kidneys.

3. Reducing the iodine dose temporarily, then working back up.

4. Taking several grams vitamin C spread out throughout the day along with the Iodine Companion


5. Drinking more water.

6. Pulse-dosing (stopping and restarting iodine therapy.) Commonly 5 days on 2 days off


Far less is known about the effect of Fluoride as it is pushed out of the body. It often can take high

doses of iodine over a period of time for the body to start to move the other halides out of the body.

Iodine used to be added to breads and baked good when that was stopped many manufactures started to use bromide instead. Bromide is also a common fire retardant it is found in most new plastics, carpets, household goods, new cars. Bromated oil is in Mt. Dew and some Gatorade. Bromide is commonly used in hot tubs and spas and of course chlorine is used in swimming pools and drinking water systems. Fluoride is added to many water supplies and is in toothpaste and in many foods manufactured with fluorinated water. Avoiding these halides is very difficult in our current culture. Iodine is our only protection, After we have reached iodine sufficiency (which for some of us will take some time due to our currently high halide load) how much iodine we need to maintain that sufficiency in this toxic world is a matter of debate. The iodine Doctors originally thought 25 mg and since have raised that and believe 50 mg is required. We all have to take into account our body weight and exposure. Some on the iodine list on yahoo who are in pools often take a high dose to counteract the chorine and bromide they are exposed to.


More and more doctors are becoming aware of the importance of iodine again but still it is too few.

Many if not most of us are using the iodine protocol on our own and taking responsibility for our own

bodies. As always nothing on this site is medical advice just a culmination of my experience and

experiences of others on the protocol through observation of our own bodies. Please seek out the

assistance of an iodine knowledgeable physician. I am accustomed to using myself as a guinea pig but that doesn't mean I recommend it to those who have no experience in self treatment.


Iodine-related bromide symptoms may include:

eye lid twitching – foot twitching – tingling in hands or feet

dark thoughts (e.g., there is no reason to live)

depression (e.g., there is no reason to get out of bed)

anxiety – emotionality – irritability – sedation – lethargy

skin "cuts"rash (bromaderma) bromide acne," "acne-like eruptions" without "coniform."

hair loss

leg and hip ache (feels like arthritis)

metallic taste – dry mouth – increased salivation

mouth and tongue sores and cuts or "sore mouth"

sinus ache – runny nose

headache- brain fog

odd swallowing sensation (reported in old medical literature as "swollen glottis")

body odor (bromos is Greek for stench)

ureteral spasm, frequent urination (mistaken for urinary infection) – unusual urine odor

diarrhea – constipation

kidney pain

vision changes

dream changes

hormone changes


Bromide Overdose

Many of these extreme symptoms of bromide toxicity are not likely to happen on a iodine protocol but

it is interesting none the less.

High levels / Overdose / Toxicity / Negative Side Effects – Symptoms and/or Risk Factors:

Drowsiness, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, acne, skin rash, blurred vision, dizziness, mania, hallucinations,

increased thirst, hunger and urination, pancreatitis, muscle weakness, hypothyroidism, poor memory,

psychosis, coma, possible attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) in children.


Salt Loading

1/4 teaspoon* unrefined salt dissolved in 1/2 cup warm water, then followed immediately with 12-16

oz pure water.  Repeat in 30-45 minutes if needed. May repeat again until copious urination begins.

Observe subjective response (usually within several hours).

*Iodine Investigation Project participants have found 1/2 teaspoon salt dissolved in water works faster than the 1/4 teaspoon dosage.

Pulse dosing of iodine has often helped our participants with detox symptoms: taking a two day break from iodine supplementation as needed seems to enhance the kidneys' ability to excrete bromide. These are only our observations as educated patients.

Consult your own physician about your particular iodine regimen.


Personally I could not tolerate drinking the salt water so I take my salt in OO caps that I fill with a capm-quick. 2 caps is a barely heaping 1/4 tsp. Just drink lots of water with the caps. Dr. Brownstein has said not to salt load for more than a week. If the bromide detox symptoms do not subside in that time lower your iodine dose for a while then work back up again. Make sure that you are getting at least ½ tsp plus generous use on food daily. The salt loading is above and beyond that daily need.

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